1 Install ImgBurn is free, you can find on google
2 Plug the bootable stick into the computer
3 Start ImgBurn
4 Now click on the „Create image file from files / folders“
5 Now in the „Sources“ browse to your USB stick
6 in the „Destination“ choose where to save the final ISO image
7 Now go right in the „Advanced“ tab and then „Bootable Disk“
8 Check the box „Make Bootable Image“ and then, in the „Boot image“ box browse to file „“ that is in your bootable stick found in the folder „boot“
9 In the field „Developer ID“ put „Microsoft Corporation“ and enter „07C0“ in the „Load Segment“ field
10 Enter ‚4‘ in the ‚Sectors To Load‘ field if your file is 2K is size, enter ‚8‘ if it’s 4K. (Basically it’s the size of the file in bytes divided by 512 – i.e. 2048 / 512 = 4)